Introducing the “Swiss Knife” of Apparel Decoration Machines™

Take your decorating business to the next level! Whether you have seen, the machines in action at a trade show, read about it in press releases or magazines, or of a company that owns one or more machines, chances are you already have an idea of what this amazing machine can do for you and your business.

This year brings some great innovation to the table for business owners who have wanted to get started in this unique field of decoration. 2014 marks the first year that of the all major Canadian clothing manufactures or suppliers (Trimark, Fersten, StormTech, AshCity, Canada Sportswear, and of course SanMar endorsed, Nike’s green grass program) offer embossing/debossing (and PermabossLaser) in the decoration repertoire and/or their catalogues.

It’s been a long time coming since our first introduction of the decoration in 1999 to the market, but keep in mind that in the last 3-4 years alone all the clothing has changed to high tech, synthetic, dry wicking, moisture management, high performance textile type materials and away from cotton. These products are all typically a headache to decorate with embroidery due to puckering based on the stitch count of the logo as well as the thin or complex structure of these great materials.

Because there’s so much to tell about these remarkable machines — plus details of specific models, optional accessories and Manufacturer-Direct prices – we’d like to send you our complete package.

This includes actual embossed/debossed samples on materials you can test wash for yourself, samples on swatch cards that you can show your clients that include embossing in 3D, leather debossing, micro fleece debossing, multi-media embossing with screen printing.

Our YouTube channel also has tonnes of testimonial videos and demos showing you the entire embossing process that make the above listed decorations, a detailed video of our sample show room showing you all the possibilities that one NGE3 or NGE13 multimedia- multifunction embossing machine has made in production and can do for you.

There is also marketing information showing you the level of marketing support we offer so that you can take advantage of our experience the moment you uncrate your machine and get trained on it!

All this is included so you can make the best possible decision by becoming educated in the multimedia embossing process without any pressure.

One of the best things about the Permaboss machines is that they are made here in North America using up to 85% US content. The machines have evolved dramatically using the feedback from decorators just like you, as well as knowledge and experience we acquired since launching 15 years ago with the very first machines in 1999, all of which are still running, some 24/7 in challenging automotive environments nothing like what the textile industry can throw at it.

The way you use equipment in the decoration industry in North America is different and more demanding than in any other country and all the nuances, suggestions and experiences led us to create the NGE or “Next Generation Embossing” machines for you!

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Why Permaboss?

Not just for wearables,
emboss & deboss a whole host of products and materials

Laser positioning technology lets you combine 3D multimedia embossing with traditional 2D decorative techniques like embroidery and printing

Get more performance
with hot-foil stamping, fusing, heat-sealing, drying, laminating and die cutting.


These profitable machines can do 18 different decorations on more than 77 different materials and 100’s of items.™


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