Permaboss Embossing Gallery

Embossing Samples

Natural, synthetic and high-tech fabrics – emboss with confidence a wide range of textiles.

Debossing Samples

With our Bossback™ backing, your debossing projects will stand up against the test of time.

Mixed Media Samples

Take your embroidery, printing and other decorations to the next level with 3D embossing.

Leather and Vinyl Samples

Nothing says luxury like embosssed leather and vinyl wearables and accessories.

Metal Embossing Samples

With it’s shine and hardness, embossed metal makes a bold statement.

Paper Embossing Samples

From greeting cards to gift bags, embossed paper gives you a whole new texture experience.

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Why Permaboss?

Not just for wearables,
emboss & deboss a whole host of products and materials

Laser positioning technology lets you combine 3D multimedia embossing with traditional 2D decorative techniques like embroidery and printing

Get more performance
with hot-foil stamping, fusing, heat-sealing, drying, laminating and die cutting.


These profitable machines can do 18 different decorations on more than 77 different materials and 100’s of items.™


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Robert Harbauer
Robert Harbauer
President & CEO of Permaboss

Ok, so now you’ve seen what our machines can do to take your embroidery business to the next level, how they can save you money by reducing tread count, how your services can be applied WAY beyond just clothing and how big an impression you’ll make on your clients with all that you have to offer them…
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