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Why Permaboss?

Take your embroidery, printing and other decorative services to the next level with lasers! Enjoy greater profit margins with significantly reduced stitch counts.

Impress your clients with the elegance and modern sophistication of tone on tone embellishments.

Not just for wearables, you can laser etch, tattoo and embroider on a whole host of products! Make your mark on clothing, accessories, gift ware and more!


Permaboss Puts Your Embroidery Business on Steroids with the NGLic60, a “Bridge Laser Alternative”


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Robert Harbauer
Robert Harbauer
President & CEO of Permaboss

If you’ve got any further questions about laser techniques, foil, materials, suppliers or if you want to know more about specific Permabosslaser machines, send us a message here and one of our knowledgable representatives will contact you shortly.

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