Bossback™ has changed and is updated to help you reduce your inventory and production costs. Formerly you required several grades of embossing backing in several thicknesses and weights etc. Plus it’s made frequently and in bulk so that you never have the potential of stale inventory that doesn’t work because of age and the price is more reasonable than ever.

BossBack™ comes in two thicknesses; both work on Leather and Textiles with no sacrifice in terms of washability, longevity or loss of loft in the embossing of the garment itself.  Now made in Canada, it is 100% NAFTA friendly – no more duties and import fees.

Call for pricing (toll free): 1-855-PERMABOSS (737-6226)


Successful embossing requires the perfect backing
. Introducing Bossback™, tear-away embossing backing.
*Silicone/rubber not compatible with BossBack™

BossBack™ is a Permaboss invention, one type of BossBack™ works specifically both Leather and Textile applications. Instead of three thicknesses as in the past customer surveys told us they need two middle thicknesses right in-between the original three previously offered would be better, we listened and now offer exactly that two backings but with three new additional benefits!

• Previously you needed an additional BossBack™ for leather. Not anymore! There are now two new versions of thickness; both work on Leather AND Textiles your inventory cost has been reduced by just over 50%. BossBack™ is also available in smaller rolls that are approximate 18” in width 100’. The benefit to you is lower shipping cost and less money sitting on your shelf in inventory for such long periods at a time.

• There is NO sacrifice in terms of washability, longevity or loss of loft in the embossing of the garment itself!

• More importantly is that it has been modified to be breathable. This was specifically to accommodate the new high-tech materials using in sportswear, often under brand names such as DryFit, BestCool, Dry-Wicking, and all those so called Moisture Management Materials sold in performance wear.

To help understand the yield. The average left chest needs about 4” by 4” (11cm by 12.5cm) so one roll of BossBack™ will yield around 500 left chest hits. The average hit cost your customer no less than $3.00 so that’s approximately $1500 revenue for something that costs you around $150 in materials. There are no threads or inks, takletwill, felt etc. Just electricity and some minimum wage labor!

Bonus Benefit: BossBack™ is now made in Canada, it is 100% NAFTA friendly and there are no more duties and import fees as in the past.

Call for pricing (toll free): 1-855-PERMABOSS (737-6226)