Internally we call this our customers Cash Cow laser, not ours! Why? Because its basically all the same components and electronics as the NGL laser but about 35% less in price!

The real cost savings comes from the new design and less labor required to build it. Basically a totally new way of building the laser on our end based on really understanding how cars are made in todays world. We stole as many ideas and concepts as we could from some tours we took and implemented them into the CC30 build.

The second cost reduction comes from using a lower power laser (unfortunately for both of us 30W is not 50% the price of 60 watts! We only wish, but it’s a savings none the less.)

Same for the scanner head. We use a German brand that is smaller than the American one and we also use smaller optics which is a big savings and because of the volume of lasers we are building we can now custom manufacture parts by subcontracting to companies that we were too small for just a few years ago. They have better facilities and technology than we have and can create a better product at a lower cost and that is passed on to you.

Originally we also removed the red light preview technology and made it a manual system. In 2014 we were able to add that into the package as an option. All of these things combined and adding to the fact that we priced the laser aggressively so that we can sell volume results in a price reduction of almost $30,000 on average.

Call for pricing (toll free): 1-855-PERMABOSS (737-6226)


With a 320mm diameter work area and 30 watt laser – ideal for Etching and cutting textiles.
Follow the video and enjoy a simple do-it-yourself setup while saving the cost of technical on-site setup, install and training (unless desited). Be in production by lunchtime that very day!

Call for pricing (toll free): 1-855-PERMABOSS (737-6226)

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