Embossing & debossing
3D color flock embossing
Hot-foil stamping
Laser positioning device (2 beams), 4 optional
Multimedia embossing combined with embroidery printing
Fusing, Heat-sealing
Drying, Laminating and Die-cutting

3 Tonne Hydraulic Press
Stainless steel heating plate: 16″ by 22″
Stainless steelwork table: 28″ by 29″
Self contained high-pressure hydraulic system
No air compressor required
Pressure control for die-cutting, hot-foil stamping
App Controlled your choice (iOS, Android or Win8)
115V 20 AMP
5 Minute Warm Up Time Low Energy Consumption

Call for pricing (toll free): 1-855-PERMABOSS (737-6226)


The NGE 3 can emboss, deboss, hot-foil stamp, fusing, heat-seal, dry, laminate and cut dies. Plus with its laser positioning technology, it does superior multimedia embossing when combined with embroidery, printing and other decorative techniques.

Call for pricing (toll free): 1-855-PERMABOSS (737-6226)

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