NGL Series Laser

Available in 40, 60, 80 and 100 watt ranges, the NGL is most commonly ordered in the 60-80 watt range. Plus, it is now offered in a new format called a Ceramic Centre. (A small cost increase over standard metal tube lasers.) No more recharging, faster response time and even more bang for your buck in terms of power! Not having to recharge the laser after 20,000-25,000 hours means that it saves you down-time, service fees, logistics costs and so on. For clients who are far from our factory and around the world, enjoy more peace of mind: Still made in USA, still the same great warranty, but now it's an even better product than before, with a quicker delivery times!

Call for pricing (toll free): 1-855-PERMABOSS (737-6226)


The NGL (Next Generation Laser):
When the only option used to be the Bridge Lasers, this laser is what started it all in terms of making lasers affordable for embroidery business!  The versatility of this laser mades it possible to do all kinds of applications besides just embroidery.

Here is a list of things that a CO2 laser can do for your business:
From signage to wearables, giftware to upholstery… What you laser is pretty much up to your imagination – engrave/cut plastic, wood branding, trophies, ceramic, rubber, glass, mirrors, fabric, denim, leather, acrylic, coated metals, marble… and so more.

Watch this video: “Top 20 Questions Ask Before Acquiring Permaboss Equipment”

Call for pricing (toll free): 1-855-PERMABOSS (737-6226)

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