Used Equipment

Embossing Machines:

PB710 available at this time.
Please contact us directly: | Tel: +1-905-713-6514

Laser Machines:

CC30 available at this time.
Please contact us directly: | Tel: +1-905-713-6514

Rhinestone Machines:

Libero Endless Machine
Please contact us directly: | Tel: +1-905-713-6514


All Permaboss used machines come with a 1 year warranty. They are generally trade ins mostly from those clients who systematically like to upgrade to the latest technology we offer at the time their lease is expired. From time to time a client retires (so far no trade ins have come from expired customers thankfully!) Its generally rare that we have a used or demo machine but as a policy we like to send out a notice to existing customers before anyone else. We don’t update this page daily or weekly so please contact us by phone to discuss your needs. We don’t email quotes out randomly as our policy has always been to understand your needs and recommend a proper fit. We trust and hope you can appreciate this policy, we feel it’s the very reason we don’t have as many used machines as say the embroidery, screen printing or DTG industry has.