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About the CC40 Laser

Internally we call this our customers Cash Cow laser, not ours! Why? Because its basically all the same components and electronics as the NGL laser but about 35% less in price!

The real cost savings comes from the new design and less labor required to build it. Basically a totally new way of building the laser on our end based on really understanding how cars are made in todays world. We stole as many ideas and concepts as we could from some tours we took and implemented them into the CC30 build.

The second cost reduction comes from using a lower power laser (unfortunately for both of us 30W is not 50% the price of 60 watts! We only wish, but it’s a savings none the less.)

Same for the scanner head. We use a German brand that is smaller than the American one and we also use smaller optics which is a big savings and because of the volume of lasers we are building we can now custom manufacture parts by subcontracting to companies that we were too small for just a few years ago. They have better facilities and technology than we have and can create a better product at a lower cost and that is passed on to you.


  •  GALVO/SCANNING: Cutting by vaporization of material.
  • Comes Standard with 40W Ceramic CO2 laser source
    includes red laser scanner beam for visual confirmation.
  • Available with optional (plug and play) 40W, 60W, 80W, 100W and 200W Iradion Ceramic laser source.
  • Stand alone laser can be added to a gantry system at any time and used with any embroidery machine brand.
  • Standard Cutting and engraving Area 250mm x 250 mm Optional 360 mm by 360 mm with higher power laser source.
  • 24 months unlimited use warranty. Laser tube included.
  • Spot size 390 micrometers 0.39 mm or 0.015” (Higher wattage models come with smaller spot sizes.)
  • The head moves through an aluminum structure. It is controlled by a BOSCH servo motor and stops just in front of each embroidery head to perform the corresponding cutting or engraving process.
  • This moving head receives support from a positioning and operating program which allows it to work with one or several embroidery machines depending on the project/job.
  • Includes Touch Screen PC, Picture based control software and includes Permaboss “LaserWorx®” Design software.
  • Meets or exceeds CSA, UL, CE, FDA and OSHA regulations.

Read the Laser FAQ here
(Frequently Asked Questions) 


Power Requirements:
16A 220v 1ph 50/60 Hz
Shipped Weight:
160 Kg (350 lbs). Shipping crate size: 48”x48”x55”
Aspiration Turbo Blower:
Included (customer to supply plumbing to exterior vent)
Head speed capable:
Capable up to 3000 mm/s. 980 mm/s. Practical for OSHA safety compliance
System repeatability:
+/- 0.013 mm
Laser Body Weight:
70 Kg (156 lbs)
Working Area:
250 x 250 mm ORupto360x360mm(14x14In)
Galvo mark/cutting speed:
Up to 5000 mm/s
Profile precision:
+/- 0.038 mm over 12m span (Remember that felt layers over more than 1mm!)
Laser Power Source Options:
Universal 50W or 100W, Synrad 65W, 100W or 200W optional

For clients who are far from our factory and around the world, enjoy more peace of mind:

  • Still Made in the USA
  • Improved Product
  • Same Great Warranty
  • Faster Delivery Times

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