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About The Permaboss NGL Laser

The addition of a Permaboss NGL laser will allow you to do what most other embroidery shops CAN’T do.

The NGL will allow you to DO exactly what costly $150,000- $200,000+ bridge lasers can do using only 16 square feet of floor space for a fraction of the price.

The NGL Series of Scanning (galvo) CO2 lasers are significantly faster than traditional plotter lasers and can cover the same area 5-20 times faster.

Easy to learn, easy to use software is included with a PC

Reduce stitch count by 80-90% as compared to Fill Stitch and offer your customers decoration alternatives your competition can’t.

Make your embroidery more valuable & profitable by combining details and layers that are impossible without an NGL.


NGL Laser Embossing Graphic
  •  GALVO/SCANNING: Cutting by vaporization of material.
  • Comes Standard with 40W Ceramic CO2 laser source
    includes red laser scanner beam for visual confirmation.
  • Available with optional (plug and play) 40W, 60W, 80W, 100W and 200W Iradion Ceramic laser source.
  • Stand alone laser can be added to a gantry system at any time and used with any embroidery machine brand.
  • Standard Cutting and engraving Area 250mm x 250 mm Optional 360 mm by 360 mm with higher power laser source.
  • 24 months unlimited use warranty. Laser tube included.
  • Spot size 390 micrometers 0.39 mm or 0.015” (Higher wattage models come with smaller spot sizes.)
  • The head moves through an aluminum structure. It is controlled by a BOSCH servo motor and stops just in front of each embroidery head to perform the corresponding cutting or engraving process.
  • This moving head receives support from a positioning and operating program which allows it to work with one or several embroidery machines depending on the project/job.
  • Includes Touch Screen PC, Picture based control software and includes Permaboss “LaserWorx®” Design software.
  • Meets or exceeds CSA, UL, CE, FDA and OSHA regulations.

Read The Laser FAQ here
(Frequently Asked Questions) 


Power Requirements:
16A 220v 1ph 50/60 Hz
Shipped Weight:
160 Kg (350 lbs). Shipping crate size: 48”x48”x55”
Aspiration Turbo Blower:
Included (customer to supply plumbing to exterior vent)
Head speed capable:
Capable up to 3000 mm/s. 980 mm/s. Practical for OSHA safety compliance
System repeatability:
+/- 0.013 mm
Laser Body Weight:
70 Kg (156 lbs)
Working Area:
250 x 250 mm ORupto360x360mm(14x14In)
Galvo mark/cutting speed:
Up to 5000 mm/s
Profile precision:
+/- 0.038 mm over 12m span (Remember that felt layers over more than 1mm!)
Laser Power Source Options:
Universal 50W or 100W, Synrad 65W, 100W or 200W optional

For clients who are far from our factory and around the world, enjoy more peace of mind:

  • Still Made in the USA
  • Improved Product
  • Same Great Warranty
  • Faster Delivery Times

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